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uc-0002: Explore data availability to build policy


p-006: NIH Program Officer


obj-0001: Multi DCC Comparison


Jon is a leader at the Common Fund, and wants to build summary tables of Common Fund assets for use in both tracking progress and for finding gaps that should be filled by future initiatives. They would like to use the CFDE interface to download simple tables or graphs that show what assets exist, and where.

From the CFDE portal home page, Jon uses the axis and stack by dropdown menus on the dynamic stacked bar plot to download a matrix of Anatomy terms by CF Program. With the same procedure, they download similar tables showing Species and Assay Types by CF Program.

Since these are simple matrices, Jon can re-plot the data in almost any piece of plotting software, or look at the results in Excel. Jon downloads the underlying data to add to a report they are making about Common Fund assets.

Tasks for this use case:

Requirements for this use case: