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uc-0009: Review CFDE portal submissions

Wiki walkthrough of this use case

NIH Goal:

Support the storage, sharing, and sustainability of CF data sets


p-003: Data Administrator

p-004: Data Custodian


obj-0006: View a Review Catalog


Melinda, a Data Custodian, wants to check her team's data submissions on the CFDE portal so they can review which submissions are ready to incorporate into the portal.

She logs on to the portal interface Web site and looks at summaries of her team's data submissions by clicking the "Data Review" tab and clicking links from the "Submitted Datapackage" page. She checks the submission by looking at dynamically generated plots for the catalog ("Summary Charts"). For additional help, she pulls up the User Guide documentation and refers to walkthrough tutorials on the documentation Github wiki pages.

Next she notifies Ann, the Data Administrator on her team who makes the final decision, that it is time to do a final review of the data.

Tasks for this use case:

Requirements for this use case: