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uc-0004: Create a Data Release


p-003: Data Administrator


obj-0002: Create Data Release


Jordan is a Data Administrator for a Common Fund Data Coordinating Center. They need to provide a description of the Data Coordinating Center’s data to the CFDE so that: (a) the data can be discovered by clinical researchers, (b) the data can be compared with data from other Data Coordinating Centers, and (c) they and others can see how CFDE’s metrics, statistics, and FAIRness measurements apply to the data. We assume Jordan has previously been registered with CFDE and authorized by their Data Coordinating Center to act as a data administrator on its behalf.

Jordan first reviews the documentation for the C2M2 data model and then follows a tutorial for submitting data to the CFDE portal. If they have not previously installed CFDE’s ingest tool, they do so. They then extract the required metadata from their Data Coordinating Center’s data and transform it into the C2M2 data model. Once the metadata is in the C2M2 model, they run CFDE’s submission tool to submit the metadata. When the submission completes, Jordan accesses the CFDE interface and views the results in a non-public reviewing view. If the results are not satisfactory, they adjust the metadata and re-run the ingest tool, repeating until the results are satisfactory. He can consult the documentation or CFDE support for help resolving errors.

If the results are satisfactory, they approves the data release and it is marked for review by CFDE personnel. As necessary, Jordan now knows how to submit subsequent metadata manifests for comparison.

Tasks for this use case:

Requirements for this use case: