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uc-0008: DCC validates data


p-004: Data Custodian


obj-0006: View a Review Catalog


Kristin has just used the CFDE submission tool to make a new Review Catalog. She would like to preview that catalog in the CFDE portal, and approve it to be included in the Release Catalog.

Kristin logs in to the portal using an existing identity. After selecting the "Data Review" tab, she finds links on the "Submitted Datapackage" page, a restricted page, leading to pages with summary statistics about the current Review Catalog.

By clicking on links to "Browse Data", see "Summary Charts", or "View details" (icon from the "View" column), she can answer questions like:

  • How many data files exist for her DCC overall?
  • How many subjects are represented?
  • How many and which data types are represented?
  • How many and which anatomy terms are represented?
  • What Project names are associated with her DCC?
  • How many biosamples are in those Projects (or if applicable, Collections)?
  • How many data types are in those Projects (or if applicable, Collections)?

Kristin can do spot checks of the data, or see the outcome of specific searches by browsing the Review Catalog by clicking the "Browse Data" link.

By comparing the summary statistics supplied by the interface, Kristin can determine whether the Review Catalog she submitted looks as expected.

Tasks for this use case:

Requirements for this use case: