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uc-0011: Create a new version of the CFDE public catalog


p-007: CFDE CC Team Member


obj-0002: Create Data Release


Julie logs in to the CFDE portal to check the list of Review Catalogs that have been approved by DCC Data Administrators. She can see a preview of the Release Catalog that includes any updates from recently approved Review catalogs.

Julie runs quality control and compliance tests and then approves or rejects any given Review Catalog. She provides feedback to each Data Administrator that their Review Catalog was either accepted or rejected with an explanation for the decision.

She places approved catalogs in a queue for the next release date, and at the next release, promotes all queued catalogs to the public Release Catalog. All applicable Data Administrators will be notified that their Review Catalogs are now in the Release Catalog.

Tasks for this use case:

Requirements for this use case: