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Use Case Library

The Use Case Library provides a set of high-level summaries that captures essential scientific objectives and places them in the context of larger goals in the Common Fund Data Ecosystem timeline.

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We welcome new contributions. Please read the contributor guidelines before submitting a new use case.


A Use Case consists of an Objective and a Persona - a person who can have an Objective. These are combined into a summary of specific use cases for the CFDE, which can be achieved by a series of user tasks. Each User Task is a single step in the user's workflow. The technical infrastructure required to enable a User Task are its Requirements. In most cases, what appears to the user as a single step actually is a multi-step process to the computer doing the work, so any given User Task will likely have many Requirements. Both user tasks and requirements can be shared across Use Cases.

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Full Listing of Library Entries

View the comprehensive list of library entries here.

The Use Case Library contains 11 use cases, 6 objectives, 39 tasks, and 48 requirements, for 7 personas.