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uc-0010: Approve a Review Catalog for use by the CFDE


p-003: Data Administrator


obj-0006: View a Review Catalog


Ann was notified that her team has new Review Catalogs that need to be reviewed. She logs in to the portal as a recognized Data Administrator for her DCC. After navigating to a Review Catalog belonging to her team, she checks the submission by looking at dynamically generated plots for the catalog.

If any of her team's catalogs are incorrect, she can reject or delete a Review Catalog. If they look correct, she can approve one Review Catalog at a time for her team. Once Ann approves a catalog, she will be notified that 1) her approval has been recorded and 2) the data will appear in the next Release Catalog pending review by the CFDE.

Tasks for this use case:

Requirements for this use case: